Looking Back

It's New Year's. This means that seemingly every damn newspaper on the planet will be doing some "Year in Review" sort of thing.

I hate the typical "Year in Review" drivel that many newspapers do. Most of them are just recaps of stuff that you already know about, without updating or adding anything to the story. Who needs to be reminded about the space shuttle disaster, or the war in Iraq, or the fact that Bob Walkup got re-elected?

That's why I like the way The Weekly traditionally recaps things by mocking the year's most ridiculous events. Each year, Leo W. Banks and Jim Nintzel scour publications, both local and beyond our fair city, and find stuff to make fun of. It used to be called our own version of "Dubious Achievements," but since the folks at Esquire have copyrighted that, we're not going to call it that anymore. Check out this year's version on Page 16.

And, by the way, happy New Year. This will be an exciting year in Tucson Weekly land, in terms of new-and-improved content. We'll keep you posted on all that as things roll out--starting next week and culminating on March 4.


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