La Cerca and Time Cat, Sky Bar, Saturday, July 12

I'm a big fan of La Cerca. As one of Tucson's greatest, longest-running bands, their upcoming record Sunrise For Everyone is an undeniable highpoint for Tucson music. Seeking out an unbiased opinion (or slightly less biased), I sought out the thoughts of an audience member, who would only identify himself as "Tom." He also weighed in on openers Time Cat, visiting from Akron, Ohio.

What do you think about Time Cat?

I think they're pretty cool, you know? They got a good aesthetic.

What is their aesthetic?

It's pretty common these days. You know, I was just about to say, I'm pretty over the whole duo-guitar and drums thing. What's the word I'm looking for? The garage-y, pop thing.


I just feel like it's been done. We got the Black Keys; we got the White Stripes.

What's your favorite band that plays that kind of music?

In this context, Black Keys probably.

What do you like about Time Cat?

I like this drum thing happening right now. It's really visceral—an expression of this woman's feelings. (Note: Time Cat's drummer is male.) ... I like this band. It's just not my cup of tea. I listen to a lot of jazz, a lot of rock, a lot of funk, the other day I listened to some...

This isn't Nine Questions. If you were in this band, what would you change?

I'd just add some bass licks. A lot of people don't understand the importance of bass.

This isn't an article about bass.

Well, I like her voice. She's got a great, garage-y voice. She reminds me of Pat Benatar.

Pat Benatar is garage rock?

I'm not a music critic.

What do you think about La Cerca?

I think they're great. Really spacey. ... The music is really breezy but it's not light.

What do you like most about La Cerca?

Andrew (Gardner)'s songwriting. I think he's an amazing songwriter. I really connect with his songs. There's a lot of Krautrock, there's a lot of that late-'80s SST movement - late period Husker Du, that kind of thing. The band's gone through a lot of different incarnations, but I really like them.

What do you want to see more of from La Cerca?

They're a good band. I'd like to see them more in the scene, playing good tunes.

Joshua Levine,

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