oOoOO, Yus, ... Music Video?, Club Congress, July 27

In the spirit of Muppet Month at the Loft Cinema, I've asked my good friends Statler and Waldorf to help write this review.

(A local electronic trio sets up and proceeds to play 45 minutes worth of lullaby-esque, melodic and sometimes pounding electro with R&B-infused vocals.)

Waldorf: So who's this ... music video? And why do they call themselves a vague question?

Statler: Beats me. The only question I have is: How many times did they listen to Kid A in college?

W: Hahaha, enough to learn how to program a Moog!

S: They seem like three nice young gentlemen, and their light show was something else.

W: I wish it was something else; I almost had a seizure!

S: Harhahar! What about the witty banter between songs? That wasn't half bad.

W: It wasn't half bad—it was all bad! Hahaha!

(A seemingly nervous man from Phoenix sets up a keyboard and a laptop on a small table.)

S: Who's next? Yus?

W: Yus what, yus a minute or yus around the corner?

S: I think it's Yus, like, "Hey, yus better get yus to playing live in front of an audience and not your bedroom!"

W: Hahaha! And why so quiet? Speak up; my pacemaker was louder!

S: Haha. With all these kids standing in front of their laptops, you'll make the big time by putting a microphone to your heart! He's a youngster just starting out; give him a few years, and he'll be headlining that Pitchfork music festival.

W: He sounds like the Talking Heads playing in a train tunnel!

S: When is that train due? Harharhar!

(Up next is a young man who sets up a Mac Pro on a table. A screen is pulled down from behind; a black-and-white movie, which appears to be a student film, plays for the duration of the set.)

W: oOoOO!

S: What's the matter, did I step on your toe?

W: No, that's his name! This is "Witch House"!

S: Which house?

W: No, this is Top 40 music slowed down all spookylike. The kids call it Witch House.

S: I wish I had a broom to fly out of here! Hahahaha! Wait, did his computer just crash?(It really did.)

W: I guess it did. Well, show's over folks!

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