Logan Greene and The Bricks, Kaia Chesney, Dave Neff and The Retroskeptics: Solar Culture Gallery, Saturday, Nov. 27

A CD release is a big moment for any band. For Logan Greene and the Bricks, Saturday evening was a celebration of this important milestone, as well as a testament to Logan Greene's gratitude for his fans, fellow musicians and music supporters.

Kaia Chesney opened to an abundant early crowd with bandmate Tyler Moss, both on acoustic guitars. Kaia had a rapturous vocal style that felt like enchanted air bouncing off of canyon walls, with a palpable (but almost deceptive) sweetness. Why almost deceptive? She was snarky—but endearingly so. She sang a song penned just for the occasion about the redheaded Logan, referring to him as a "beautiful leprechaun" and playfully accusing him of being too happy.

David Neff and the Retroskeptics, a keyboard-fronted trio, followed. They started off with a gentle warning that they were not Ben Folds Five, and leapt into a raucous number with copious amounts of swearing. Their tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating style kept the mood light and the laughter rolling.

Anyone who knows Logan can attest that, as Kaia alluded to, he has unmatched enthusiasm and boundless energy when it comes to booking and promoting bands in Tucson. He's the go-to guy for filling bills with lively, up-and-coming acts at all-ages venues; despite how complex it can be to work out the details, he does it with a smile. Given his track record of selflessness in supporting other musicians' endeavors, it was no surprise that when he announced his CD-release party on Facebook, people responded in a big way: They filled Solar Culture from front to back.

Logan Greene and the Bricks played the majority of their much-anticipated CD, Soylent Greene, including "Why Am I Lonely?" and "City Bus." The theme of this band is, in a word, fun. There was obvious merriment onstage, and no one in the audience was standing still. Logan's band members (Fernando Gomez on drums, Nate Jasensky on guitar, Ray Borboa on keys, Becky Pattowitz on vocals and Chris Pierce on bass) have very different musical backgrounds, and this seems to be a project they latched on to because of both the camaraderie and the gravitational pull of Logan's effervescence.