Club Congress, Saturday, Sept. 29

Bang! Bang!, a local dance night at Club Congress hosted by DJs Matt McCoy and Dewtron (aka Casey Dewey), has made Saturdays the New Thursday. (Thursday enjoyed a long reign as the New Monday.) The DJs play hip new dance tunes and homegrown mashups while showcasing local and national guest DJs, recently featuring Men (members of Le Tigre) and a member of Voxtrot, who opened the previous Saturday at Rialto Theatre for the Arctic Monkeys. (Bang! Bang!'s legendary status grew through the night as the Brit Monkeys mingled with locals.)

So it was only fitting that when the live dance band !!!'s (pronounced chk-chk-chk) show was moved from the Rialto Theatre, it ended up at Bang! Bang! this past Saturday.

Between DJ sets, The Field--actually one young German by the name of Axel Willner--performed a set of laptop electronica, prompting one show-goer to comment, "You've gotta have some kind of visual if you're going to pull off a set like that." Standing toward the stage, one could feel the apathy growing as people impatiently waited for the headliner.

And Brooklyn, N.Y.'s !!! did not disappoint. Upon seeing two drum kits being set up, it was obvious a dance party was brewing, with heavy emphasis on the cowbell. !!! performed a set mostly featuring material off their new release, Myth Takes, with which the crowd was more than familiar, thanks to the usual online leak and MySpace previews. "Must Be the Moon," the disco-punk anthem that combines computer blips, rock guitars, disco hi-hats and sexy lyrics, has garnered more than 200,000 plays on MySpace, and the official YouTube clip is fast-approaching 100,000 views.

There were no less than nine people on stage, including the two drummers, a bassist, keyboardist, two guitarists and lead singer Nic Offer, who got help from a short, androgynous African-American singer who had a thing for Corona and pink running shorts. (Side note: Offer looked like a younger, longer-haired version of KXCI music director Duncan Hudson. Or Dr. Who.)

The crowd was full of the usual Bang! Bang! Kids--skinny guys with tight homemade T-shirts and complicated sideburn configurations; girls with '80s low-neck striped shirts and short-short skirts; and everything in between--happy to get down to the closest thing possible to the Gang of Four or LCD Soundsystem in a club this small.

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