Static-X, Otep

Rialto Theatre, Tuesday, April 3

As they did for their last two albums, industrial-goth metalers Static-X decided to celebrate the release date of their latest CD in Tucson. The Rialto Theatre was jam-packed last Tuesday night with metalheads old and new for a bulldozing experience.

Before Static-X annihilated the Rialto, Los Angeles' Otep incited an all-out war. Vicious screams and growls emanated from devil-horns-baring frontwoman Otep Shamaya during the band's opener, "Fillthee," and the crowd raged for Otep as if they were the headlining band. Shamaya cloaked herself in an American flag and called for the resignation of George W. Bush and staff before ripping into "Warhead." The band also treated the crowd to a fantastic cover of Nirvana's "Breed" near the end of their set.

Moments after the house lights again went out, Static-X exploded into the title track of their new album, Cannibal. Strobe lights flashed in sync with the song's fiery opening tempo, and a video screen displayed electricity bolts and three-dimensional shots of an X-rayed human skeleton. The crowd was easily captured by the band's raw energy, head-banging and creating circle pits without command.

"All right, Tucson ... Merry fucking Christmas; we're back," frontman Wayne Static growled to the crowd. "Lets do some shots!" The band downed some tasty beverages and toasted the crowd.

"It's time for some old-school evil disco; this song's about pooping in a bag," announced Static before the band jumped into "... In a Bag," unheard in the band's live set since their 2001-2002 Machine tour.

Following the rapid stomper "No Submission" from the band's new album, it was time for more shots and joking with the crowd.

"Here we are, back at the Rialto Theatre, with just a few of our best friends in Tucson," stated Static, before the group toasted those who had already purchased their new album--or planned on buying it later on in the week. Or, for that matter, anyone interested in burning a CD for bassist Tony Campos.

"I lost my copy," admitted Campos.

The crowd also joked back, chanting "bullshit!" every time the band threatened to end the concert. "Hey dude, I think they want to hear 'Bullshit,'" Campos joked to Static. But Static-X's show unfortunately came to a close following a heavier than ever rendition of "Push It" and "Get to the Gone."

"You guys kicked my ass, and it's always good coming to Tucson," Static said. "We'll be back."

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