Club Congress, Friday, Jan. 28

Psychedelic, euphoric, sulky, sexy and sultry ... and all within 40 minutes.

Los Angeles indie-rock trio Gliss returned to Tucson Friday night for a mesmerizing performance at Club Congress. Opening their set with the title track from their latest EP, Velvet Stars, the three members started off playing their primary instruments. Programmer and bassist Victoria Cecilia introduced each song with a pre-programmed backing track.

By the group's second song of the night, "Kissing the Blvd.," the crowd at Congress fell into a trance caused by Gliss' stimulating music and presence. Club Congress' twirling disco-ball lights managed to perfectly match the mood of the music being played. Frontman Martin Klingman would ever-so-gently strut and sway while ripping piercing guitar licks and heavy-breathed vocals. Guitarist David Reiss repeatedly used his pedals to create various guitar effects. Cecilia's basslines were fierce and driving as she played up and down the neck of her bass.

"Have some drinks and think about life," Klingman requested before going into "The Quitter."

Showing the group members' versatility and talents, Gliss continually switched duties on stage. For "Strangest Side of Me," Klingman sang while playing drums. Two songs later, Klingman returned to the guitar while Reiss played drums. For the final three songs, Cecilia made her way to the drum throne while Klingman and Reiss switched guitar and bass duties.

After the final note was played, the crowd snapped out of its hypnotic state and roared with approval.

Prior to playing the group's final song of the night, "Peeping Tom," Klingman said, "You see something so good, you want to see it again." With an enchanting vibe and hordes of thoughtful lyrics, this holds true for the return of Gliss.

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