Agnostic Front

Skrappy's, Tuesday, Jan. 18

Tucson was served a lesson in hardcore, old-school style last week. Fresh off the Heavyweights of Hardcore 2 Tour with Hatebreed, New York legends Agnostic Front stopped by Skrappy's for the first show of their headlining tour.

Headbangers and punks, young and old, marched into the small space of Skrappy's floor for a violent, 45-minute mosh.

Acting as their own roadies, Agnostic Front set up and soundchecked their own equipment before ripping through their set. As the house lights were turned off, a small overhead light above the newest member, guitarist Lenny Di Sclafani, became the band's only lighting.

"Thanks for coming out tonight," frontman Roger Miret announced before opening with "Eliminator," off the group's 1984 disc Cause for Alarm. Agnostic Front then fired into "New Jack," from 1992's One Voice and the title track to 1986's Victim in Pain.

Pausing for just a moment, Miret mentioned the group's new album, Another Voice (reviewed two weeks ago), and said the band wanted to play some cuts from it.

Dedicating the first single from their new album to the situation in Iraq and back home in New York, the band launched into "Peace." "All Is Not Forgotten," "Fall of the Parasite" and "I Live It" followed, with mosh pits gradually growing as each new song played.

During "Crucified," from the group's 1987 effort Liberty and Justice for All, Miret handed his microphone to fans pressed against the stage to sing the song's chorus.

After complimenting Skrappy's' sound system, Miret asked the crowd's permission to play one more new song. The crowed obliged, ecstatic to hear anything the band had to offer, as Agnostic Front played "Take Me Back."

"Gotta Go," from 1998's Something's Gotta Give was next. The crowd went apeshit, while managing to sing the opening line, "From the East Coast to the West Coast / gotta, gotta, gotta go."

Before the band called it a night, they played an impromptu encore featuring the title track and "Believe" from Something's Gotta Give. "We haven't played these in a while," announced Miret. "They're hard to fuck up. Haven't you heard the album?!"

Miret gave one last piece of advice as the group left the stage, "It's important to support your scene ... even on a Tuesday night."

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