List This!

At times, I think Adam Borowitz should be nominated for sainthood.

Why? Well, Adam is our City Week listings coordinator, and that means he has to deal with all of the folks who submit listings requests to us. Now, 99 percent of those who request listings are polite, understanding and reasonable people.

Then there's that other 1 percent.

I bring this up, because we recently freshened up our listings guidelines, and as a result, some events that we had been listing—like regular, for-a-fee classes and ongoing events run by for-profit businesses—were eliminated from our database.

That made a couple of listings-requesters rather cranky—and Adam had to deal with them.

Hence, sainthood.

The thing that astonishes me about these cranky people is that they feel entitled to get a free listing in the Tucson Weekly, like it's a God-given right or something

To those cranks, I have this to say: Our listings are meant to be a service to our readers; we do the best we can to perform that service given the constraints (time, space, money, etc.) we have. If, given those restraints, we decide that your listing doesn't make the cut, we apologize, but that's our decision—a decision we've made with our readers in mind. Feel we've made the wrong decision? You're welcome to ask us to reconsider, and if you don't like what we ultimately decide ... well, if you want complete control, you're welcome to purchase an advertisement.

I'd like to thank the 99 percent of you listings requestors who are indeed polite, understanding and reasonable; you help us produce the best and most comprehensive calendar in all of Southern Arizona.

To the 1 percent ... I'll just keep my mouth shut.