Letter to the Editor

Get ready to sing

A Ditty to Celebrate Arizona

Legislature's Special Impunity to Gun Regulation

(Sing to the Tune of "Streets of Loredo")

As I looked out o'er the floor of the State House,

As I looked out o'er the State House one day,

I spied the House Speaker a-smirkin' and a-winkin',

A-smirkin' and a-winkin'' and a-gloryin' away.

"I see by your bulge there, that you're concealed carrying,"

Those words he did say as he baldly strode by.

"You came in the back door (I sneakily let you;

But voters, reporters, all riff-raff deny)."

"We're a special exemption! We write our own rules here!"

R-Prescott expounded (his bulge in full sway);

"It's OUR House, OUR State House," I imagine him saying;

"The law's not the boss of us. Just keep it at bay."

"When we're in the saddle, we do what we want to.

When we're in the saddle we ride as we choose.

We trample all rights—cities', women's, kids', puppies';

We scoff at the gun laws, and still we don't lose."

"So beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly;

And play the dead march for democracy if you dare."

Then glancing up toward me, R shot these words at me:

"I'm an AZ legislator. Ask me if I care."

—Christine Wald-Hopkins

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