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Are You Well-Meaning?

Regarding James Jordan's brilliantly written "Let's take back Earth Day in Tucson"(April 2):

 Years ago, Earth Day was created by tree huggers to study environmental degradation and to improve the earth. Industrialists, instantly seeing what that could lead to, begin "sponsoring" Earth Day events.

Under "sponsorship," Earth Day became much slicker and professionally organized, and ever so gently moved toward blowing up balloons and making paper flowers. The causes of environmental degradation and solutions thereof moved from center stage to an afterthought, or less. It was so subtle that most people didn't even notice.

Jordan gives too much credit to "well-meaning people who are working on Earth Day." I say if you're working on Earth Day and your well-meaning, it's your duty to immediately contact the Earth Day committee (TucsonEarthDay@Yahoo.com) and tell them that you don't want Rosemont Mine sponsoring Earth Day this year ... or ever.

Actually, all well-meaning people should do that. Some might even want to mention other sponsors like Raytheon or mostly coal burning Tucson electric power.

Also, everyone should contact the Mayor and Council (tucsonaz.gov/contact) and the County Supervisors (pima.gov) and tell them that local government should no longer sponsor Earth Day unless its other sponsors are Earth compatible. 

 —John Kromko

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