Disrespect is Unacceptable

How much more disrespectful can some politicians be for the office of the presidency and how much longer will we all put up with it?

"Obama doesn't love us," (that's why he wants Americans to have health care and wants children who were born here to be citizens); Obama is a Muslim (non-factual), Obama is not a U.S. citizen (non-factual); Obama is not agreeing with us so he is wrong; Obama is not this or that or the other thing; Obama wasn't brought up the way we were, and the list goes on and on ... Although he was voted into office twice by the people he so doesn't love?

Some of our politicians have so disrespected the office of the presidency that I am embarrassed by their obvious hatred, piousness and relentless lack of diplomacy. I hope my granddaughter looks real close and learns the true history of our country and our forefathers before some politicians try to change that! Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves! Read and watch all the news (not just one channel), make your own decisions. Don't be lazy. Know your history and then above all else, go out and vote intelligently for politicians who have something to stand for besides only hating Obama.

-Cathy Warner

One citizen, grandmother and business owner

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