You Don't Understand

While the "News of the Weird" is not the only reason I read the Tucson Weekly, it was certainly one of the most entertaining segments of your paper. I honestly looked forward with anxious anticipation to reading the "News" every time I picked up the paper.  It was absolutely the first thing I would read each and every time.  Alas, knowing that you had ceased printing the "News" in your paper, upon having grabbed the new edition this week—I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing! It was just another paper. Though you do have many fine articles and one-of-a-kind reports, it is most disappointing to see this clever and interesting segment no longer available for everyone's perusal. Tsk, tsk ... I can't imagine what went through your mind to dispose of "News of the Weird."

Obviously you did not enjoy it yourself or you would have understood the vitality of the information and the many comments and interesting conversations it stimulated among many of your readers. Please reconsider your decision. In a world of change, the "News" never failed to reveal the fact that "The more things change, the more they remains the same." This changing world needs all the humor it can find. Don't take that away from us.


Gregory Price

Now I Don't Care

Like the person who let his feelings known of missing the "News of the Weird", in the Weekly.  I won't go as far as to say it's the only reason I even pick up the Weekly, but it was one I did look forward to.  You said it was to make room for more important stories, or articles like sex toys 101, and serious contributors. Yet you run film clips every week of the same movies taking up necessary room.  Instead of giving your friends special treatment and letting them run their subject matters, you should be listening to your readers. I thought the paper was slipping when your predecessor took over editorial duties, but since you took over it's really gone down the tubes.  Are we supposed to want to read stories that just you find interesting, or ones we all find print -orthy?  I use to make a point of getting the Weekly every week on Thursdays, now I don't even care if I get it or not.

John P. Robles

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