Former State Senator Luis Gonzales is on the Nov. 8 ballot for Pima County Governing Board for one reason only: to challenge the unacceptable status quo at PCC and to best represent the interests of PCC students and Pima County residents/taxpayers. His opponent, Martha Durkin, was appointed to fill an unexpired board term and has become part of the status quo. She voted with board members to lower tuition for foreign students while INCREASING tuition for our residents. She supports the tenure of often-stumbling PCC Chancellor Lee Lambert. She failed to show up when the board took an important vote on extending Lambert's contract. Gonzales, a member of the State Senate education committee for eight years, knows educational policy, budgets and is an expert at intergovernmental relations. He will work to bring transparency and end what has been a secretive and "see-no-evil" approach to governing. A lifelong resident of District 5, he understands the importance of PCC to our community and is ready to make PCC an educational gem worthy of Pima County. Vote Gonzales.

—Frank Sotomayor

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