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A symbol of destruction

After reading the article about Caterpillar machinery being put in the Menlo Park neighborhood, I realized that the mayor and Councilwoman Romero exhibit not just disdain but contempt along with a threat to Menlo Park and all the neighborhoods around the UA. These neighborhoods have been devalued. They can be bulldozed into oblivion. The city council's vision of Tucson is everyone. They have eminent domain.

The bulldozer is a symbol of destruction. Caterpillar bulldozers are involved in the destruction of Palestinian homes. Noam Chomsky talked about this. Others have called for a boycott of Caterpillar because of this.

The voters did not support the bonds or pay raises so this is what they get.

P.S. I wish other people would write about this and not just me. It's a living nightmare for neighborhoods.

—Michael Cajero

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