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Caterpillar is good for community

The Caterpillar building deal is done. Caterpillar will reduce costs and strengthen its bottom line by relocating some employees to Tucson, first in rental space then in a purpose-built facility across the river from downtown. The new building will be on historically (and prehistorically) productive river bottomland, near Tucson's Mission Garden. And for some time the transplanted employees of the corporation, perhaps joined by local people hired in support, will enjoy the beautiful location near the Mercado San Agustin development - and the Menlo Park neighborhood.

But this deal also provides an opportunity for leadership - and partnership. The city (landlord) and tenant/beneficiary (Caterpillar) can work together to make this building an exemplar of modern energy-efficient climate-friendly architecture. The architects and tenants of the university's environment and natural resources 2 building offer an example ready at hand. 

As the project progresses, let's keep working on making Tucson "green" as well as growing.

—John Leech

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