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Congrats on Trail Canopy

Congrats to Supv of the 4th district Ray Carroll and our Board of supervisor for spending $80,000 to pay for a "trail canopy" so by the off chance someone on that remote trail should be under it when a train comes over them, and by chance, something should come loose, like a rock, they will be protected. What happens if the whole track fails apart, a much more likely event because of our crumbling infrastructure? The canopy will probably kill them! I would suggest what my mother taught me when entering into dangerous situations. Look both ways and then cross the street. Besides being a crazy idea, how many potholes could be filled with $80,000? Please Citizens of Pima county, vote for Marla Closen and defeat the corrupt Board of supervisors who spends our money for patronage.

—Jo-Ann Marks, Together We're Stronger

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