Let's Try This Again...

Stuff worth noting this week.

· Last week, in this very space, I referred y'all to an advertisement for some freelance and employment opportunities we have here at The Weekly. Well--just my luck--there was a production error, and the ad went AWOL.

I've gotten a plethora of calls and e-mails from folks wondering what the heck happened. Was this a joke? Have we fallen off the wagon? Were we stricken by a neoconservative plot?

No, no and no. We just had a dumbass moment.

I am promised by our lovely and talented production department that the advertisement is indeed going to be in this week's paper, on Page 32.

To recap, we're looking for a freelance columnist, a freelance restaurant reviewer and a part-time City Week editor. All the pertinent details are on Page 32 of the print edition.

God willing.

· An ad that did make it in the newspaper--calling for volunteers for a readers' advisory group we're starting--has gotten some fine response thus far. Thanks to all of you who have offered to donate your time and brain power. And for those of you who haven't volunteered yet, but want to, the details can be found this week on Page 24.

Again, God willing.


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