Let's ¡Ask a Mexican!

Welcome to another fine issue of the Weekly. While every edition is special in its own way, this week's is extra, super-duper special.

For one thing, our twice-a-year dining guide is tucked within these pages. This edition of Yum! includes a feature by Margaret Regan on Just Coffee, a Mexican co-op that just may hold some clues on how to slow down illegal immigration into the United States. Seriously. Check out Yum!.

For another thing, this week marks the Tucson Weekly debut of ¡Ask a Mexican!, a fantastic column by Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly. The premise of the column is simple: People write Gustavo with any questions that they may have about Mexicans, and he answers them. The questions can be serious, stereotypical, whatever--it doesn't matter; he'll answer them. Be warned: ¡Ask a Mexican! has caused a fair amount of controversy because of its subject matter. Check it out for yourself. (In the print version, it's taking the place of comic Tom the Dancing Bug.)

And one last thing is worth noting ... be sure to check out Saxon Burns' piece on an idiotic KGUN Channel 9 story. Last week, the TV station ran a fearmongering, sweeps-month stunt claiming that there's a huge problem in Tucson with gay men meeting online and then going to parks and other public locations to have sex. This piece of crap shows just how low TV "news" can go; reporter Jennifer Waddell and the editors/producers who let this piece on the air should be disciplined. It's that idiotic. Check out Saxon's report.

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