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Unexpected Discovery and Disclosure in the Stidham Murder


Federal law clerk and Lourdes Lopez pal Anne Elsberry asks: "When will I be loved?"

Two days after Dr. David Brian Stidham was murdered, Elsberry, clerk to U.S. District Court Judge William D. Browning, vents via office e-mail to law school classmate and then-Pima County prosecutor Nicki DiCampli.

Elsberry: Rotten day, for no good reason at all --

Given the choice between maybe pissing off Linda Ronstadt and blowing off a ton of work I'd done, someone at the Ballet chose to blow me off. I hate Linda Ronstadt -- she's a fucking brat. So why am I crying when I should just say fuck it?

John has got a new job at General Dynamics, I assume making more money. On the good side, he already said he'd talk about modifying child support. I hope this means he's making more money. I want a new job, but haven't done a damn thing about it. Stupid thing to be jealous about.

Am I the only one, who upon hearing about that pediatric opthamologist who was killed, wondered if Brad had anything to do with it? I worry about Lourdes.

Got new tires on the car yesterday -- $500. Need new doors for the guesthouse -- $600. Amount in bank until tomorrow -- $193.

Someone remind me why this all has to be hard?

Hope your day went better and the jury votes to castrate the guy.

DiCampli: I had no idea it was that doctor and yes I am thinking same thing you are. Called Paul (Skitzki) who said did not want to talk about it but yes she is ok. so Lourdes come close to 85-90% with Paul and he says she is ok. but this is like some friggin Lifetime Movie--the spiral someone can let themselves fall into is amazing.

as for the ballet -- you do too much for them anyways and apparently they do not appreciate it b/c you can't sing. so I would quit being their lackey and just pay for your kids classes.

New job for John -- more $$ for you -- GOOOOOOD.

If you get enough more money then you could perhaps take a lowerr paying job.

Please remember you are way loved by all your pals.


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