Some things I've learned during the last week ...

• If people like Jim Click and Don Diamond support something, that something has to be horribly bad. A couple of people have written in to bitch at us for endorsing the transportation sales-tax increase (which passed), saying that it has to be bad because it supports sprawl and cars and fossil fuels and development and icky stuff. Of course, these writers don't really posit any alternatives, and I can't help but wonder why they're writing in now, seeing as our endorsement hit the streets three months ago.

I have a feeling that if Click and Diamond came out and endorsed an initiative that simultaneously saved all cuddly animals and eliminated pollution, these people would think it had to be a bad thing.

• If you have any sort of form on your Web site, spam will find it. Our blog comments forms, our e-mail newsletter sign-up form and our online listings submissions form have been getting the crap kicked out of them by spambots.

• If you put a group of newspaper writers in a room with food in it, that food will be gone within minutes, no matter how much food there is. (OK, I already knew this, but still ...)

• Do not snuggle with a kitten prone to sneezing (due to allergies) with his head facing yours.

• And finally ... you should never turn on the TV news if you're looking for an escape--especially now.

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