Last Chance; First Meeting

• Hey, local music fans: Please take the time to fill out the Tucson Area Music Awards (aka TAMMIES) ballot if you have not done so already. You can find it in this week's print issue, and this is your last chance to vote: We need all completed ballots in hand by Wednesday, May 23. Thanks to those of you who have already (legitimately) voted.

• You'll notice two new bylines starting in next week's issue. Laura Hassett and Tess Martinez are new Weekly interns for the summer; you'll see their names in the City Week section and throughout the newspaper for the next couple of months. We welcome these two fine UA students aboard!

· You'll also find our usual gratuitous self-back-patting, in which we talk about how many awards we won in whatever the latest journalism contest was. While journalism awards are somewhat silly and subjective, and they're certainly not an accurate measure of journalistic quality, they're fun (at least for us journalistic folk)--and they do contain some small shreds of useful information.

In this latest contest--the Arizona Press Club awards for 2006--those useful shreds include the fact that Margaret Regan won four first-place awards, which is an outstanding accomplishment. It's also worth noting that 10 of the 18 awards--and five of our nine first-place honors--came in all-publications categories. In other words, in those categories, we placed among (or beat) submissions from The Arizona Republic, the Arizona Daily Star, the Phoenix New Times, etc. (I also have to point out that's more awards than the Tucson Citizen won. Heh.) Not bad for a little newspaper with an editorial staff of 4 1/2 people and 20 or so regular freelancers.

Anyway, enough with the back-patting. Congrats to all of the winners in the Arizona Press Club contest.

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