Last Call

As I exit, stage left, I'd like to thank all those here at the Tucson Weekly--staff and freelancers and friends--who have made this part of my journey so pleasurable.

This is my final issue as editor. I'm off to the Sunshine State (where it's actually cloudier than Arizona) to edit a newspaper there.

The new TW editor, Jimmy Boegle, is on board (check out his Chow review in this issue). I'm pleased to report the paper is in good hands. I wish him the best.

I dislike good-byes, so I'm not going to belabor this one. I've been in Southern Arizona awhile, so there are pangs of regret upon leaving. But the lure of a new place is a powerful one for me, and I look forward to the adventure.

I'll have mixed emotions as I drive out of town but as I look in the rear-view mirror there's one thing I certainly won't miss--Tucson traffic. I'll try to remember that as I cross those lonely stretches of West Texas on I-10.


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