Kreayshawn: Somethin 'Bout Kreay (Columbia)

Cultural consensus tells us that some artists have little to no value. They're the musical equivalent of junk food—all empty calories and chemical additives. Kreayshawn, in context, belongs to the same brain-dead girl gang as Ke$ha and Dev and Uffie. They're the anti-Beyoncés, who sneer rather than sing, who are flippant—not romantic—about sex, who are deadpan instead of deep. They're pop music's Heathers: snotty, conceited party girls who prefer Tumblr to Tolstoy, Gawker to Ginsberg. (Actually, I bet Ke$ha's got a copy of "Howl" shoved between the Grey Goose and Camel Lights in her oversized handbag.)

The widespread knee-jerk reaction to these ladybrats is at best scorn, at worst outright hatred. Never mind that their male equivalents—Calvin Harris, LMFAO—get painted as lovable trickster figures.

The point is that people are going to tell you that Somethin 'Bout Kreay is a terrible record, but they just don't get it. It's exactly the kind of album that it wants to be: stupid, fun and loud. From the chorus on "The Ruler" to the Newcleus-sampling "K234ys0nixz" to "Twerkin!!!," Somethin is a great party-soundtrack album.

Kreay gets fine support from celebrity producers like SpaceGhostPurrp (on "Left Ey3") and Kid Cudi (on "Like It or Love It"), but the real draw here is her own snide persona and the empty-headed bravado she brings. Sometimes we don't want to think; we just wanna sip sizzurp with a girl who's full of bad ideas.

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