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Stars Pick Their Top 5!This week: Sick Puppies

Two decades into a hugely successful career, Australian hard rockers the Sick Puppies put out its fifth studio album, Fury, last May. The record is the first to feature new singer Bryan Scott, who replaced original Shimon Moore in fall 2014. The band hasn't let the personnel change slow down their fat, melodic, charging rock din, and the trio is the middle of an extensive U.S. tour right now. They hit Tucson on Tuesday, so we spoke to all three of them about the five albums that changed their lives ...

With Devour the Day, Tuesday, March 14 at 6 p.m., The Rock, 136 N. Park Ave. $18-$20. All Ages.

Mark Goodwin:

1. Beastie Boys—Check your Head: This album came out around the time I started playing drums as a kid. Mike D was a drummer and rapper who I looked up to a lot. The way they could play punk and rock and rap all in the same album fascinated me. Their songs had relatively simple beats that allowed me to play along when I was learning to play drums. I still listen to that album, and all their albums, to this day and it's still so good and timeless.

Emma Anzai:

2. Silverchair—Frogstomp: This album literally changed my life. I was about 15 when I heard it, I was living in Japan at the time (I had just moved from Australia) and had never really heard anything quite like it. I knew the band members were about my age at the time so I took more notice. And it was then that I realized kids our age could play music like that. This album inspired me to play and made me want to be in a band. 

3. Green DayDookie: This was the second album I ever bought. It was quite different from Silverchair but I loved it just the same. This album was full of that punk attitude that I wasn't used to at the time because I was living in Japan, and it felt very cathartic to listen to it. I absolutely loved Mike (Dirnt)'s bass lines and how melodic they were. It made me want to play bass. 

Bryan Scott:

4. Our Lady PeaceHappiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch: This was the first band where I actually went out and bought every album they had. I mean, I would anxiously wait for the release date of each album and go buy it that day. I absolutely loved everything about this album—every song was incredible and different but yet the whole album was still somehow cohesive. I was always drawn to singer Raine Maida's melodies. First off, he had such a cool voice that was so different from most others I had heard—raspy, slightly whining (in a cool way), unique voice, and he sang the most haunting melodies. A great album from front to back.

5. The Beatles—The White Album: Even though "Eleanor Rigby" will always be my favorite Beatles song, this album as a whole was my favorite. My Pops had almost all of their records and I would love to pull them off the shelf and spin them. When I heard The White Album, I was floored. Every song is amazing. The main thing I loved about the Beatles was that they wrote the simplest songs, but yet the music and melodies would haunt you for years to come. ... I wore this album out!

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