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Stars Pick Their Top 5! This week: Summer Cannibals

Oh, the sweet chemistry that happens when fuzz and energy don't cancel out, but amplify each other. If you look on Portland-based Summer Cannibals' latest album Can't Tell Me No, you'll see this power in spades. Vocalist Jessica Boudreaux never quite blows out the speakers with her singing, but she doesn't have to. The energetic, distorted instrumentation gives plenty of oomph. In fact, when her lyrics mix in with her bandmates Cassi Blum, Devon Shirley and Ethan Butman, Boudreaux's smooth, sardonic voice can serve as a welcome respite from the garage rocking. There's plenty of confrontation in a Summer Cannibals song, but luckily it never gets in the way of songwriting, and often it doesn't even get in the way of subtlety. Ahead of their Tucson show, Boudreaux told us about five of her favorite albums. 

See Summer Cannibals w/ Remo Drive and Diners at Club Congress. 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26. $17. 311 E. Congress St. All ages.

Tears for Fears

The Hurting

I hadn't ever gotten into Tears for Fears until this year after "Watch Me Bleed" came on playlist I was listening to in the car. I'd heard the song before but for some reason during that listen it really hit me and I immediately turned on the record. Everything about this record is fantastic and beautiful to me—the textures, the energy, the emotion. It's honestly my favorite kind of music: tough and emotional subjects delivered to you in pristine and catchy pop songs. Bummed I slacked on this record/band but excited for the opportunity to dig in now. 


Sugar at the Gate

I LOVE THIS BAND. A new find for me even though they've been around for a bit. Vocals are gorgeous and the melodies are awesome but what really caught my attention was the guitar lines. Intricate and busy and catchy in all of the best ways. Not sure how they do it but wow I'm very into it. 

Kate Bush

Hounds of Love

A hugely influential record for me as a musician. I hadn't listened to it in years but I've recently rekindled my love for this one. She's a genius, of course, there's not much to say. There's something so comforting about this album, it's warm and interesting while also maintaining an effortless complexity. This music is life changing. 

The Cardigans

Gran Turismo

One of my favorite records of all time. There's not much to say about this one just that I LOVE these songs. I love the production, I love the lyrics, everything. It's the kind of record that I want to listen to again immediately after it ends. 

The Sugarcubes

Life's Too Good

I was obsessed with this album pretty much the second I heard it. I wouldn't call myself a huge a Bjork fan until I heard this project. It's the stuff of an emotional '80s movie climax but with the artistic and interesting edge that I crave as a music fan. There's a freedom to this record that is so rare and I never get tired of listening.

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