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Stars Pick Their Top 5! This Week: Dinosaur Pile-Up

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Dinosaur Pile-Up

With such a classic '90s alt-rock sound, some listeners might wonder what nostalgic or ironic statement Dinosaur Pile-Up is trying to make. But don't overthink their sound—this British trio is simply making some damn fine grunge with all the pieces in place. Matt Bigland's vocal sneer and crafty guitarwork are the perfect melodies to place alongside Michael Sheils' raging, danceable drums. Add in the murky, groovy bass of Jim Cratchley, and you have the sound of a band making the music they love, and excelling at it, too. Listen to their newest singles "Back Foot" and "Thrash Metal Cassette" and ask yourself how much harder rock music can bang.

Ahead of the band's collision with 191 Toole, we asked Cratchley to share his favorite monsters of rock.

See Dinosaur Pile-Up at 191 Toole w/ Brkn Love. 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 1. $15. All ages.



There is not a shit song on this record, and it's the one that brought Mike and I together at the house party we met at. It fuses sweet pop melodies with heavy guitars. What more do you want?

Foo Fighters

The Colour and the Shape

When I heard Monkey Wrench for the first time, I was hooked. That was it. Killer drums and razor-sharp guitars. "Wind Up," "Enough Space," it just keeps going. Probably my favorite album of all time. Alternative rock music at its best.

Rage Against the Machine

Battle of LA

Rage at their most refined. Such a powerful and creative record. Slamming riffs, ingenious musicianship. So, so sick. Never gets old.



I mean, it's Nirvana's Nevermind. You've heard it all before. The song writing, the energy, the drumming. It's just fucking nuts. It's weird, somehow, this record still gives us something new even if we play it in the van now. Pretty crazy really.

Led Zeppelin


It's super difficult to pick our favorite Zep album, but from the opening track, "Black Dog," to the "When the Levee Breaks," this record doesn't let up. The drumming is next level, raw power. John Bonham at his finest. Inspirational.
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