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Stars Pick Their Top 5! This week: Acorn Bcorn

Acorn Bcorn
Acorn Bcorn

A 10-second scream, a desolate tambourine and a murky guitar might not sound like too much fun, but Acorn Bcorn take these brooding elements and craft them into a thumping track worthy of a blackened dancefloor. The local two-piece punk band dip their toes in a variety of styles, yet maintain an expertly stripped-down approach all their own. The guitar is bluesy, the drums are minimal, the vocals hide behind a wall of static. There's a lot of rage in their music, but not enough to detract from the subtle humor and rhythm that these riot grrrls bring: "I like everything about you, except for the way you live your whole life."

Check out Acorn Bcorn, alongside many other talented women at the Chick Magnet art, poetry and music fest at 191 Toole. 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8. $10. All ages.

click to enlarge Bikini Kill - COURTESY
Bikini Kill

1. Bikini Kill

Bikini Kill EP

As teenagers, driving around listening to Bikini Kill and mixtapes was so fun and free. Their power and sound is radical. Playing like that feels like some sort of positive demonstration.

click to enlarge Man or Astro-Man? - COURTESY
Man or Astro-Man?

2. Man or Astro-Man?

Project Infinity

Man or Astro-Man's live performances were an early influence on us. They toured so much, it felt like we saw them at least twice a year back in high school. We were inspired by their super creative stage sets and playful energy, bordering on sci-fi mania. "Listen to it Paul, listen to the voice."

3. The Gories

click to enlarge The Gories - COURTESY
The Gories


Scrappy and wonderful. We thought of the spirit of The Gories a lot when we were first trying to figure out our drum setup for Acorn Bcorn. Floor tom, tambourine, simple, solid, and cool! You can't beat that.

Oblivians - COURTESY

4. Oblivians

Play Nine Songs with Mr. Quintron

The Oblivians and Quintron rule so much, and this album is incredible start to finish. We love their scrappy punk vibes, sounds, and voices. We've done a few Oblivian covers (and a Quintron cover) over the years. They are true shiny gems!

5. Bob Log III

click to enlarge Bob Log III - COURTESY
Bob Log III

School Bus

There's a lot to appreciate about the mysterious one-man frenzy that is Bob Log III. The crazy energy at his live shows and his superb, one-man, do-it-all-yourself with all your arms and legs attitude, is very inspirational to Acorn Bcorn. Songs like String Around a Stick make you want to dance wild; that is the point.

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