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Stars Pick Their Top 5! This Week: Foxx Bodies

Hailing from the far-off land of Tucson, Foxx Bodies brings a noisy punk sound mixed in with catchy sung vocals. These riot grrrls are wondrously anxious in just about every aspect: their jaunty, angular guitars, their compressed, cymbal-heavy drums, their quick song structures, and their vulnerable yet rebellious lyrics. Come get some angst out.

Catch them at Club Congress on March 24. Doors open at 7 p.m. $5. 16+. For the first time they will have vinyls of their album available and will also be filming a live music video at the show!



Sleater-Kinney, Karen-O, Annie Clark and Kathleen Hanna are the reasons I decided that the only thing I could do was scream about the things I needed to say. The album that threw me into musicianship is Sleater-Kinney's first album (self-titled). There's an undertone of abuse that drills anger under your skin. Suddenly I felt all of my trauma. Suddenly I realized I could be a victim and not play the victim. Sleater-Kinney taught me how to speak about myself concisely. "I'm not part of you" "I'll show you how it feels to be dead. How it feels to be held still. How I wish you were dead." These women saved my life with their first album. —Bella Vanek

Shannon and the Clams

Dreams in the Rat House

I don't think I would be the guitar player I am today if it weren't for Dreams in the Rat House. I had just never heard anything quite like it before. It was familiar and easy to like with its heavy '50s influence, but simultaneously had these heavy, kick-ass punk vibes. It was like finding the love child of Danzig and Roy Orbison. A lot of my guitar playing prior to this record was rooted in blues and more straightforward rock (Nirvana being a major influence). Cody Blanchard's guitar playing opened a whole new door for me. His playing really made me want to focus on riffs and making a full sound with just one guitar. His riffs aren't super complicated to play necessarily, but so so so damn catchy. The kind of riffs that make you go "why didn't I think of that!" Just TRY to get the riff for "Ozma" out of your head. —Bailey Moses

Against Me!

Transgender Dysphoria Blues

One of my most influential albums, in relation to this band, would have to be Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me! It came out the year before we started Foxx Bodies, and I was obsessed to say the least. I am always (still) gaining inspiration from their music. Jay Weinberg has been a heavy influence in my drumming, but Atom Willard gave new perspective, fresh ideas and driving force with heavy snare and a deep full bass attack that compliments the bright cymbal work that almost whispers compliments into my headphones. I have been playing drums for 15 years and was never in a serious band before. When we started Foxx Bodies, Transgender Dysphoria Blues was absolutely in the forefront of my mind.

—Adam Bucholz

Los Destellos


The most influential album to me during the time of Foxx Bodies' formation would have to be Clase... Apart by Los Destellos. The album is a '70s psychedelic sound of Peruvian cumbia. At the time I loved diving into different cultures/rhythms when psychedelic sound influenced the globe. I'm a sucker for '50s and '60s music but I couldn't stand to play predictable root notes. I've never been good at words but that's no problem for learning patterns that fellow humans have been developing for generations. —Matt Vanek

Old Man

Old Man

Every member of Foxx Bodies has a distinct taste in music, and they don't always correlate with one another. We were all very confused about how we made music together that we all liked. Until our second show. In the car on the way to our second show at Gary's Place, Adam put in a CD and we all started head banging to it and yelling—getting each other riled up for the show. That album would become our common ground. When we went to get food. When we drove to a show. When there was tension in the air. That album was Old Man. Old Man is a Tucson-based band who made a concise, raw, and passionate album, and then dropped off the face of the earth. We have tried time and again to find more information about who was in the band? It's 2018 and I want to know everything about these people because they're geniuses. Old Man brought Foxx Bodies even closer together as friends and a band unit because when you rock together, you flock together. (That's not a saying but we are trademarking it.) PS: If you're reading this and you were in Old Man, please contact us. We need you. —Group choice

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