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Stars Pick Their Top 5! This week: Speak Low if You Speak Love


Michigan-based emo rock outfit Speak Low If You Speak Love proudly wear their adoration for pop artists such as Taylor Swift on their sleeves. Not that these guys are at all chirpy and vacuous, but the melodic sensibilities certainly weave their way into the band's movie score-like music. SLIYSL is currently on a big Alternative Press-friendly package tour with pop-punkers Neck Deep and others, so we asked drummer Cody Badgley about the five albums that changed his life...

With Neck Deep, Creeper and Gardenside at 6 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 19, at The Rock, 136 N. Park Ave. 520-629-9211. $25-$60. All ages.

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Depeche Mode, Violater

Depeche Mode

I'm a huge fan of 1980's new wave and synth-pop and, in my opinion, this is the masterclass. The production on this album is out of this world. Every single synth line gets stuck in your head. Even if you have no idea who Depeche Mode is, you've heard songs from this album. It's that iconic. 

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The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls in America

The Hold Steady
Boys and Girls in America

The Hold Steady are one of the last great rock and roll bands, and Craig Finn is my absolute favorite lyricist in the world. He's a beat poet in a punk band, and it truly shines on this album particularly. It's the perfect party album for a truly massive night. 

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Tegan & Sara, The Con

Tegan & Sara
The Con

I've found myself revisiting Tegan & Sara's 2007 masterpiece on an almost weekly basis since I first heard it (in 2007). The songs are so intensely personal, but it's so easy to find glimpses of yourself in them. Every song is incredible, but tracks like "Nineteen" and "Call It Off" are revelations in emotional songwriting. My heart breaks every time I listen to this album, and I go back every time. 

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Mewithoutyou, Catch For Us the Foxes

Catch For Us the Foxes

This band is so filled with character and mystery that I find myself almost studying their albums, trying to dissect every single word and phrase. Each song is so dynamic and Aaron Weiss sings with such a sense of urgency that you can't help but hang on every word. 

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Kanye West, Graduation

Kanye West

This is my favorite hip-hop album of all time. "Good Morning" was my alarm clock for almost two years. I listen to "Homecoming" every time I'm on my way to my apartment after a tour. I put on "The Good Life" at every party. I could listen to this album every day and never get sick of it. Every Kanye record is amazing, but Graduation is in a class of its own. 

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