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There's a certain amount of wonder that stems from hearing unreserved passion in music, and this South Carolina folk rock act has nothing to hide. Blending Americana, Southern rock and all things down to earth, they tell their ragged tales with guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums and more. This band is the embodiment of boots stomping on hardwood floors.

Revel with NEEDTOBREATHE on their acoustic live tour at the Fox Theatre. 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 3. 17 West Congress Street. $35-$79.


A Rush of Blood To The Head

We all remember where we were when we heard this record for the first time. It changed everything for us. Some of us got to see Coldplay live supporting this record too and were blown away. This record still challenges us and inspires us to this day.

The Black Crowes

The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion

One of the reasons we picked up the electric guitar. Still one of the best rock and roll bands ever and still the band that we listen to before almost every show. Also "Thorn in My Pride" is a lesson in swagger.


Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Listening to this record should be mandatory homework for anyone who wants to be in a band. Lyrically and musically on another level and ahead of its time.

The Band

The Band

We wouldn't be doing half the music we do today if it weren't for The Band. The harmonies, slinky guitars, party piano, and the perfect backbeat from Levon Helm make The Band our band's band.

The Killers

Sam's Town

A near perfect sophomore effort and our favorite Killers record. This band continues to inspire us to think bigger and create anthemic songs that are made to be celebrated and experienced live.

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