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Cool Funeral
Cool Funeral

One of the best aspects of independent music is its relatability; the musician plays their personal songs, but also bridges the gap between listener and performer like a rock star simply cannot do. This connection is clear when you listen to Angéline Fahey and Deandra Binder of Cool Funeral sing. With a standard indie rock band arrangement, but combining emo and shoegaze elements, Cool Funeral strums out some high-caliber mope-rock, yet leaves room for truly expressive beauty. A listen to the song "Scars" off their 2017 self-titled debut shows this well: Shimmering guitar textures and cymbal-filled drums create the perfect stage for poetic lyrics of self-reflection. With such cool and dreamy timbres, it might come as a surprise Cool Funeral calls the Sonoran Desert their home, however sullenly.

See Cool Funeral perform at the Groundworks Fundraiser show at 191 Toole. With Big Bad, Annie Jump Cannon and Rough Draft. 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 22. 191 East Toole Ave. $10.

Chastity Belt

No Regerts

Our favorite riot grrrl band! We drew a lot of inspiration from their vocal harmonizing and moody, yet catchy guitar riffs. Their first album, No Regerts is full of witty lyrics and dreamy melodies.

Yo La Tengo

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out

An amazing album with so many hits. Full stop.



Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad create a truly captivating space with their music. Their dreamy harmonies are something we really admire, and despite the simplicity of their songs, they resonate deeply with us and remind us not to overthink, because sometimes simple is best.

Lymbyc Systym

Love Your Abuser

You gotta love their intricate drum fills and ethereal interludes of vintage synths, bells and reverb-soaked recordings.


Self-titled EP

This album was a big influence on our keyboardist, Deandra, who started listening to Sales and fell in love with their upbeat indie-pop beats and singer Lauren Morgan's cooing vocals. These are the kinds of songs that end up getting stuck in your head all day. ■

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