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Re: “CD2 Update: McSally Claims Victory, Team Barber Says Not So Fast

Rat T, you apparently do not actually read what we write but create your own impression of what we MIGHT have written had we been you. My comments were entirely about McSally, a person I do not trust, which means that she must be watched to see if she is, indeed trustworthy. Given her actual comments to me and the identities of many of her backers, I fear she will disappoint us. From what she said to me when I was worried about social security and medicare, I believe she will let us down at the least and/or sell us out. On another note, my guess is that the majority of those who oppose the ACA have not bothered to read it nor have the bothered to actually speak to the many many many people it has helped. The ACA needs improvement, of course. Just think about how good it would be now had the obstructionists tried to amend and improve it rather than demolish it.

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 11/14/2014 at 10:10 PM

Re: “CD2 Update: McSally Claims Victory, Team Barber Says Not So Fast

If McSally is still the winner in the recount, WE MUST WATCH HER VOTES in congress and act accordingly, by letting her know what we think, by being aware of how her votes help or hurt those of us in Southern Arizona (did she meet your expectations?), and by letting others know how well or how poorly she votes in accordance to the needs of those of us she would represent. My guess is she is likely to vote in favor of her most affluent supporters but I hope she proves me wrong if she is elected.

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 11/13/2014 at 11:32 PM

Re: “Gabby Giffords Tells NRCC: Don't "Pretend To Speak For Me"

Barber actually did vote for some border measures. It would be helpful if all politicians (even Republicans) would think for themselves and think of some legislation that would make it easier for people from other countries to work here legally. Not all who cross the border to work want to immigrate, they just want to make enough money to survive. A streamilined guest worker program would free up border patrol resources so more time could be spent preventing human and drug trafficking and terrorist entry rather than just catching people who came to work. That way, employers could employ guest workers legally, the workers would pay taxes, and employers could not underpay and exploit workers who are not here legally.

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 10/10/2014 at 1:30 AM

Re: “Ethan Orr Doesn't Want To Talk About His Support For Vouchers (Or Anything Else That Makes Him Look Like A Conservative Republican)

Harold R. Simpson, I was saying that ONLY SURPLUS money should go to vouchers IF we want vouchers and there is an actual surplus. NO PUBLIC FUNDING should be diverted to vouchers while our current funding for public schools is substandard. I agree that our tax money should only fund public schools since that is our legal obligation and that any schools receiving public funding should meet standards with some kind of oversight. We have no obligation to fund non-public schools. I disagree with you that public schools have voracious appetites taking an unfair share of public funds and are wasteful of the little money received. They do not. Have you missed the stories about how many teachers have to buy their own supplies? Did you miss the part about our legislature "redirecting" (stealing) money from our schools? Arizona schools were once more adequately funded but now are among the bottom few in the nation. We used to ridicule Mississippi for failing to pay for schools but we are among those receiving laughter these days. Years ago, I remember being astonished that San Francisco garbagemen got about twice my teacher salary even though I had a masters degree. Of course, they had to be able to read the street signs (thanks to their teachers) in order to drive their routes. It costs more to house one prisoner than to pay a teacher. And since teacher pay is low, so is teacher retirement which is based on a percentage of previous salaries. Other states, like Illinois, pay their teachers much more than what Arizona teachers receive, yet we still have people going on and on about "throwing money at the situation is no answer." Rat T, why would you support school choice when you have no idea of the quality of the alternative private schools since there is no public oversight. You always have the right to choose your schools but not the right for the rest of the taxpayers to fund your choices.

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 10/10/2014 at 1:16 AM

Re: “Ethan Orr Doesn't Want To Talk About His Support For Vouchers (Or Anything Else That Makes Him Look Like A Conservative Republican)

Vouchers should be funded ONLY AFTER public schools are fully funded,with surplus funds if we ever have any. We are REQUIRED to provide a public education to have a more informed electorate. We are NOT required to fund private schools. I agree with the person above who suggested that individuals can support their favorite private schools with their own funds rather than our taxpayer money. Schools are NOT a competition. Our businesses rely on employees who are able to do the work.

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 10/09/2014 at 6:26 PM

Re: “Brewer's Endorsement Of Ethan Orr Is Fading From Tucson's Streets

I carefully listened to Mr. Orr before the last election and was encouraged by the fact that his work had been to help people. My hope that he would be watching out for our needs. I thought there was hope that he would bring back the "vote for what is best for Pima County and Arizona" idea held by thinking Republicans in the past. When Mr. Orr got to Phoenix, he caved to some of the pressure exerted by the less than moderate Republicans. I was wondering where his spiffy signs came from. He obviously made some Republicans happy. Please, Mr. Orr, return to your values promised before you were elected.

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 09/30/2014 at 12:23 AM

Re: “McSally Ad Demonstrates the Challenge of Fewer vs. Less

Martha continues to brag about not wearing muslim clothing while she was in the gulf war little realizing that the order was given, at that time, to show respect for the customs in the Arab world where we were fighting. Yes, bad word usage makes me cringe as well. I am wondering, though, where Martha has been living and working since the last election. Arizona? Out of state like before? Employed as a candidate by her corporate backers? She claims to be watching out for seniors, but, when I spoke to her before her last election with a concern about plans to privatize medicare and social security (an excuse for someone ELSE to take part of the money needed for our benefits) she answered, "What do you care since you can opt for the current plan." Why would I NOT care for others as well as for myself?\

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Posted by Judy Richardson on 09/15/2014 at 11:10 PM

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