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    Jeremy Segal on 07/04/2016 at 12:48 AM
    Re: “Child’s Play
    Nice picture guys. No framing, no interesting angle, no drama captured.

    Jesus christ, it almost makes the article look good by comparison.

    I assume the process went like this:

    "Hey we have to write this article about this Live Musical or this Man-theatre or whatever... what do we do?"

    "Easy, we don't talk to ANY of the students, take only one picture which shows off none of the things talked about by the single person we'll ask about any of this."

    "Well what's the point?"

    "I dunno'. To be honest this is don't really matter none as we assume that it's been this way for years, and it's not like this is new or whatever."

    "Couldn't we ask?"

    "No, and shut up, I need to take the single picture we're going to use for this article. *snap* Okay, now we can leave."

    Although I'm probably just salty as I'm not in it. [>:/

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