It's Never Boring!

Some items worth noting:

• As Jim Nintzel notes in his Project White House update on Page 17, things are going very ... interestingly with this exercise in, as Nintzel puts it, Reality Journalism. For one thing, the Library of Congress has alerted us that they're now chronicling the PWH Web site. For another, there's going to be a live, televised debate next week featuring four of the PWH participants. For all this and more, check the aforementioned Web site and Jim's story in this issue, as well as

• We're doing beta testing on our brand-new Web site. Some things are working; others aren't quite working as well as we'd like yet, but we're hoping that very soon--perhaps by the end of this week--the site will be up and ready for public consumption. Local music fans: I promise you're going to like it. Keep your eye on for the debut any day now!

• Finally, on a personal note, this week marks my five-year anniversary as the editor of the Tucson Weekly. To be brutally honest, when I started this gig back in January 2003, if someone had told me I'd still be here five years later, I would have probably thought that someone was nuts. After all, the last several Weekly editors (who clearly have more sense than I do) had all lasted on the job for less than two years; plus, the alternative-newsweekly world is a fairly transient place, in any case. But here I am--and I am glad to be here. Thanks to everyone--Weekly staff, contributors and readers--for helping me, both in the past and in the future. As I enter my sixth year, I have no doubt that this will be the best year yet.

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