"It Takes a Lot to Be Yourself"

Saturday, Oct. 4 continuing through Oct. 26

Titus Castanza's artwork is taking over the Wee Gallery, 439 N. 6th Ave., opening reception Saturday, Oct. 4 from 6 to 11 p.m. and continuing through Oct. 26. Describing the work in the show, Castanza wrote that his approach to his work is more about his attitude from day to day and less about caring what others think. "This approach to art-making takes a lot of unwavering of my being. If I wake up one morning and I want to draw a whale, then I draw a whale. I don't worry about being accepted. As a result, the art is stronger in meaning, more clear in purpose, more honest in results and provides ample allowance for my true being. I can just be myself."

For more info, visit gallerywee.com and tituscastanza.blogspot.com.