In the Music Spotlight

The ballots are all counted, from both the readers and the critics.

Yep. It's TAMMIES time.

The Tucson Area Music Awards will be handed out next Wednesday, June 15, at the Rialto Theatre. With a scheduled all-star line-up of Al Perry, Mariachi Luz de Luna, Chango Malo and other special guests, the TAMMIES promises to be a blast. And it doesn't cost a damn thing to get in. Come and see the newly refurbished Rialto and see us honor the best of our local music community.

Why am I touting the TAMMIES so much? Part of the reason is very selfish: I've worked my ass off preparing for the awards. I counted every one of the many hundreds of damn readers' choice ballots myself. I know music editor Stephen Seigel feels similarly; he had to round up and tabulate the results of the critics' choice awards. This will be the second year of the critics' choice awards, and we were able to get 12 well-knowns from around the music community to participate this time. Next year, that number--we hope--will be even bigger. This year's critics' slate includes nine well-deserved awards, the details of which will be in next week's special TAMMIES awards supplement.

So ... BE THERE! Rialto Theatre, 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 15. Feel free to say hello.

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