In love with the budtender

What’s your name? Sabriena Casarez

What local dispensary do you work at? Botanica

How long have you been a budtender? I’m currently a retail supervisor at Botanica and have been in that role for about a year and a half and was a budtender food a year and a half at Botanica, before that.

What do you like about being a budtender? I love my job because I think smoking weed is a social activity that brings people together and allows for a lot of connection and community. I used to like being in the restaurant world because it would allow me to basically exchange energy with people who ate the food I made. Now, I think the consultation aspect of budtending is a similar exchange between plant/earth to people.

Flower or concentrate? I like to combine my flower with my concentrate.

Favorite strain of weed/THC concentrate and why? I like anything that is high in certain terpenes (terpinolene and mycrene), such as Jack Herer, Skywalker OG, Kosher Kush, because they have great anxiety relief with euphoria and a relaxed body high.

What’s a new strain that you recommend to people right now? New strains currently in the store right now that I’ve been all about I think would be Dillenger and Forest Queen.

How can people find the right dose? Dosing depends on the method of consumption.

What’s your recommended entry level concentrate people can try and how can they consume it? Entry-level concentrate I would say, would be something that has an easy-to-handle texture like shatter or crumble. I recommend people start by mixing it with flower since that’s the easiest way to start out and build a tolerance to the higher levels of THC. Alternatively, dabbing requires more specific equipment and fire and sometimes that’s intimidating for people. If someone was going to just straight dab for the first time, I tell them to try a tiny piece. The biggest user error involved is getting it too hot.

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