Ice Cream Supreme

Beat the summer heat with a scoop from Santa Barbara.

As the thermometer moves up and up and up this summer, there's one sure relief: the rich cones, cakes and shakes at Santa Barbara Ice Creamery.

Santa Barbara, at 2502 N. Campbell Ave., features much more than 31 flavors. Most of the all-natural and wholesome ice cream comes from McConnell's Fine Ice Cream of Santa Barbara, Calif., which was recently judged the "best ice cream in the world" by Time magazine, but there are exotic varieties from Oregon's Cascade and Denali Alaskan Classics. (And if you can sell ice cream to an Eskimo, you must be doing something right.) Whether you like sweet chocolates or fruity flavors--and why choose between 'em when you can just get two scoops?--somewhere in this ice-cream parlor you'll find a sweet treat to beat the heat.

Until last year, the location had been a Baskin-Robbin's outlet, but a dispute over the store's awning led the cold-hearted corporation to sever its franchise ties with owner Jo Jensen, who had loyally served B&R for more than 15 years. Instead of closing up shop, the plucky Jensen found a new network of independent ice-cream suppliers who served up a superior product.

Of course, then the lawyers got involved, forcing Jensen to sell the store to an acquaintance. But the doors remain open, with Jensen laboring behind the counter, dishing out scoops and creating fabulous ice-cream cakes for special celebrations. Don't miss out on this amazing cascade of cool. Next time you've worked up a sweat, grab a friend and head to Santa Barbara. You're sure to scream for this ice cream.

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