I Hereby Resolve...

Some New Year's resolutions ...

· I resolve to show more patience for people who write letters to the editor longer than the story/article they're writing about--even though the act of doing such a thing is pretty damn idiotic.

· I resolve to finally learn the difference between compose, comprise and constitute, so I don't have to look it up in The Associated Press Stylebook to check it every time a writer uses one of these words in a story.

· I resolve to pass along this compose/comprise/constitute knowledge to our writers the best I can.

· I resolve to eat better lunches. Considering the nearest restaurants to the office include Carl's Jr., McDonald's, Wendy's, Schlotzsky's Deli and Los Betos, this means I'd better start packing my own lunches, or learn to tolerate more nasty-ass salads.

· I resolve to go to more spring training games this year, because I practically live right across the street from Reid Park, where the Colorado Rockies play, and I am not exercising this blessing nearly enough.

· Speaking of sports, I resolve not to spend the entire month of March in a foul mood, assuming Stanford basketball continues to stink up the Pac-10.

· I resolve to finally shut up about Arrested Development when its fate is ultimately decided.

· I resolve not to roll my eyes every time someone says the words "Donald Trump."

That should be enough to keep me busy. Happy New Year, everyone.

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