I Can See Clearly Now

Two things from last week's issue need some clarifying ...

1. We've decided to change the date of the New Year's Guide I told y'all about last week. It will now hit the streets in our Dec. 29 issue, NOT the Dec. 22 issue as stated last week.

This means that we'll need all the information for the guide NO LATER than noon on Dec. 19. (The likelihood of inclusion rises the earlier you get event info in.) If you're involved in any New Year's-related hijinks, here's a reminder about who to send things to:

· For restaurant/dining-related events, e-mail Karyn Zoldan at noshing@tucsonweekly.com .

· For club/music events, e-mail Stephen Seigel at musiced@tucsonweekly.com .

· For all other events, e-mail Irene Messina at listings@tucsonweekly.com .

· If you're not sure where something should go, send it to me, and I'll make sure it ends up in the proper hands. And as is the case with all listings and other Weekly editorial, inclusion in the guide is free, but not guaranteed.

2. Some astute readers noticed that last week's cover story had a bit of a goof in our print version: The subheadline ended mid-sentence, and two lines at the end of the story were bumped off. Those lines were a quote from Bailey Doogan: "Art is a life lived, it's a process," she says. "Obviously the body is, too." Here's what happened: When our production department converted the page to PDF format for electronic transmission to our printer, for some reason, the subheadline font was replaced by a default font that was larger. This led to the sentence trailing off the page, and those last two lines were bumped. Our apologies to Bailey Doogan, Margaret Regan and our readers.

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