Hot Diggety Dog!

A Jag, a sunny day and Mexican hot dogs make for a wonderful lunch experience.

I can only imagine what was going through the heads of the two guys working at the Lucky Dogs cart when we pulled up last Thursday.

Francis, The Weekly's intern, was driving. I should also note that Francis drives a Jaguar. (Francis works for me right now, and I drive a used Saturn, showing that God has a sense of humor.) I was in the passenger's seat, and Scott, The Weekly's production manager, was in the back.

The whole excursion was Scott's idea. About a week before, he suggested that we review a southside Mexican hot dog cart that he'd developed a fondness for recently. I think he meant the suggestion as a joke. However, I decided to run with it. After all, these carts are as much of a part of the culinary landscape of Tucson as any expensive restaurant, so why not recognize them?

There was another reason to run with it: Scott promised the hot dogs were delicious. It turns out he was right on.

We chose the Lucky Dogs cart over other southside hot dog stands, primarily because it's close to our office, located along busy Valencia Road just west of Country Club Road outside of Dynamic Audio and Tint. The cart is owned and operated by BK, the popular southside joint located at 5118 S. 12th Ave. The sign along Valencia promises the dogs are "estilo Sonora"--Sonora-style.

The dogs are simple: a weenie is wrapped in bacon and placed in a bun. Then, they top it with chopped tomatoes, chopped white onions, grilled onions, cold pinto beans, mayonnaise, mustard and jalapeño sauce. They are also served with a guerito pepper--all for the price of $2.25. Two very pleasant men staff the cart, and they also sell cans of soda, bottles of water (kept in a beat-up cooler) and chips.

We each ordered a dog and sat down at a portable table. (Five-star dining, this ain't, especially during the summer months when it's scorching outside.) But it was unanimous: The dogs were delicious. Scott's raving about them was justified. The bacon adds a bit of salty flavor, while the two types of onions each bring a different taste. The jalapeño sauce adds a bit of a kick to things.

They were so good, Francis and I each had seconds. (Scott said he was too full after the first one.) And the bill--not that there was an actual bill--after three drinks were thrown into the mix (75 cents each) came to $13.50.

Not a bad lunch deal, eh?

Lucky Dogs by BK isn't for everyone. If you don't like hot dogs, are on a diet, are a vegetarian or are wary of eating from carts, don't go here. But if you're around the southside and like a good, tasty Mexican hot dog, and it's between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday (weather permitting), then you've gotta stop--no matter what you happen to be driving.

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