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The Weekly’s 2019 Ganja Gift Guide, Part Two

With just a few more shopping days until Christmas, we're back with Round 2 of our annual ganja gift guide, featuring various products that you'll find on the shelves on our local dispensaries—and, in some cases, are even available without an MMJ card, since they include the increasingly popular CBD but no THC. Happy shopping!

Aunt Ellie's Super Mega Brownie. True story: Our tester did not look closely at the packaging of Aunt Ellie's 225mg Super Mega Brownie. (The name should have been a giveaway, but...) He ate a fourth of the brownie, imagining he was getting 25mg instead of 56mg. While in some cases, this could be a disaster, he just found that it provided a full day's worth of medication in just a few bites. We don't advise taking such a big bite unless you are an experienced user—know your dose!—but this dark chocolate treat with white chocolate chips is dense and delicious. As with all of Aunt Ellie's craft products, this is a small-batch creation of high quality. And there's plenty to share with the cardholders in your life.

Love, Carissa Honey. As we wrote in part one of the Ganja Gift Guide a few weeks back, any of Love, Carissa's high-quality candies and baked goods make for excellent stocking stuffers. They use kief-infused butter rather than marijuana extract in their craft edibles, which ensures the entourage effect will be in full swing when you ingest it. But if you're on the hunt for a very special gift, consider their honey, which comes in four varieties: Mesquite, Wild Mountain Pecan, Sage and Orange Blossom. All of them pair extraordinarily well with cannabis, providing a sweet and unique way to enjoy your medicine, either straight from the jar, mixed with tea or coffee, or spread on toast. As they warn, it is extremely potent, so be careful when indulging. While many of Love, Carissa's products can be found in dispensaries all around town, you'll only find the honey at Green Valley's Hana Meds. It's a bit of a drive but well worth it.

iLava Hemp Touch. We've previously sung the praises of iLava's THC-loaded iLava Touch cream for its pain-relieving qualities. Now Downtown Dispensary and D2 have crafted a new CBD option that's THC-free and available over the counter. Our tester tried this out after she experienced foot pain following a run and reported that it provided similar relief. And since there's no THC, iLava Hemp Touch is available over the counter in case you are shopping for someone who isn't a registered cardholder with the state.

iLava Control Wildberry Gummies. As with the Hemp Touch, these low-dose gummies are available over the counter at Downtown Dispensary and D2. It seems people are putting CBD in everything from dog biscuits to sports bras. But since there's no formal review of these products, it's hard to say whether it's actually going to work. Our tester found that two of these 10mg gummies—a 20mg dose—helped him sleep like a baby—and given what we're learning about the importance of a good night's sleep, that's some helpful medicine in our book.

My Sweet Leaf Hybrid Cartridge, Desert Bloom. Desert Bloom's house brand, ReLeaf, is a city-wide contender for the upper tier of cartridges and concentrates—and plenty more. This time around we had a try of the "My Sweet Leaf" hybrid cartridge, which goes for a beautiful price of $30 for 1,000 mg. 

Like all of the ReLeaf products, this hitter is sourced from premium cannabis and the end product is glycol free. That means you won't get any of that nasty, oily taste some people describe as sweet. What you're left with is a subtle marijuana flavor that's mostly aftertaste.

Take a hit for a few seconds (we suggest three to start) and you'll be left with an energizing high that sits mostly in the body, with plenty of motivating euphoria. Great for a documentary, cleaning the house or hanging out with some friends.

At this price point, ReLeaf keeps the sweet times coming.

Desert Bloom also features a wide line of lotions, muscle jellies and even lip balms with both THC and CBD, so if you're looking for something to reduce friction in your life, this is the place to shop. 

Smoking Accessories at Glass Geeks. Glass Geeks is as much a gallery as it is a smoke shop, so whether you're buying a simple stocking-stuffer or an extravagant gift, you can't go wrong. But if you're shopping for the nerdy folks in your life, it's even better; their inventory features water pipes designed to look like fantasy creatures, comic-book heroes and movie characters. Their inventory ranges from pipes to rigs and even black-light pieces. And for the extra special person on your list, check out their uber-fancy pieces, which can often reach thousands of dollars a piece.

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