High Spirits: Sampling a variety of cannabis products on the shelves of your local dispensary

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Earth's Healing Unkle Cherry

Botanica Flower. Flower has come a long way from the days when we were separating stems and seeds from the Mexican weed we used to score from our dealer back in the ’90s. We tried out Botanica’s house-grown blueberry strain, a gorgeous fresh bud that had a light, fruity aroma right out of the pack. After just a few smooth hits, we felt that uplifting high that kept us happy and relaxed for more than a hour. It was a wonderful head and body high that we’d recommend as a way to add a boost to your evening or weekend, although it’s probably not one for the workplace, especially if you’re handling heavy machinery.

Earth Extracts Sugar Wax. The Earth’s Healing live resin terp sugar is a jar of golden granules of THCA crystals made from house-grown Unkle Cherry flower that is frozen immediately after harvest to preserve terpenes. The soft consistency makes it easy to scoop out your dose. As with similar concentrates, it’s a potent concoction with a sweet taste.

iLava Entourage Dablicator. As much as we enjoy extracts, they can sure be a sticky mess to smoke. iLava’s nifty Dablicator removes a lot of that hassle by putting the concentrate in a pen-like device. You twist the pen so that a white button emerges from one end. You then point the other end onto your dab rig or preferred smoking device and push the button. Voila! A neat little drop emerges, no muss, no fuss. We found it was also handy for adding a drop to our our flower to make a little homemade moon rock. The technology aside, the quality of the extract is, well, high, and it will give you the lift you’re after.

Earth Extracts Shatter. Crafted by the gang at Earth’s Healing, this sticky shatter was made from cured whole nugget flower. Wrapped in a wax paper, it’s easy to peel off a dose for whatever rig you’re using to smoke it. And let us assure you: It will get you high. Be careful about dosage if you have anything else you need to get done, as a little dab will most definitely do you.

iLava Entourage Gummies. These tasty treats come in a variety of flavors and strains, but they are all delicious. Crafted by the crew at Downtown Dispensary/D2, the gummies are solid but soft, like Jujyfruit candies, and the fruit flavor overwhelms any trace of THC. Each box contains 10 10mg gummies, which is a solid dose for cannabis enthusiasts. If it’s daytime, you’ll want to try the Entourage Day formula, a sativa cocktail of 5mg THC, 5 mg delta 8 THC, 5mg CBD and 5mg CBG that will give you a mild buzz without taking you out of commission. In the evening, you might try Entourage Twilight, a hybrid that will help you let go of the day’s stress that includes CBG, CDB and CBD. And when it’s time for bed, try out Entourage Night, an indica variety with 10mg THC, 5mg CBN and 5mg CBG that helped our review get a deep sleep without a groggy hangover in the morning.

iLava Delta 8 Clarity Cartridge, Green Quack Strain. If you’re looking for a mild cannabis buzz without the cloudy mind or giggles that sometimes accompanies the use of cannabis, Delta 8 Clarity is the way to go. This smooth smoke will leave you relaxed without making you high as a kite—which can be a challenge with today’s potent flower strains.

Botanica Citrus Desert Cartridge. Some cartridges just don’t seem to have the same uplift as flower, but Botanica’s citrus desert cart definitely gets you into the zone. With a hint of citrus flavor, the smooth smoke is ideal for a night out when you don’t want the foggy high or an edible but you do want to be discreet when you’re drawing a hit. Dynamite shit.

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center Releaf Brand Flower. We sampled several potent strains from Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center, including Darth Vader (indica, 31.17% THC), Gorilla Glue #4 (hybrid, 21.79% THC), MF Cookiez (indica 24.8% THC) and Face Off OG (Indica 21.23% THC). All of the strains were really nice and the indicas hit slightly different. The personal fave: Gorilla Glue #4. As a hybrid, it felt really nice with a strong sense of euphoria and healthy blend of body and head highs, but it was still easy to get things done around the house. The Darth Vader strain checked all the boxes. A phenomenal taste that also was the perfect blend of body and relaxation for an evening toke. The drowsiness you’d expect from a higher THC percentage wasn’t really there and the strength was nice that you were able to get desired results from a pinch. A very special strain they are putting out. All the buds were dressed to impress with a nice amount of crystallization and texture. These dense buds, cured to perfection, are the type you can take out and impress a friend with.

Desert Bloom Releaf Brand Vape Cartridge, Sunset Runtz Live Resin (Indica, 89.44% THC). Live resin really seems to be the way to go for the new generation of vape cartridges. The Sunset Runtz greats you with a nice fruity taste from the terps upon first pull and, depending on your tolerance, that may be all you need. The relaxing vibe you’d expect from an indica without an overpowering drowsiness. A solid vape cart for those looking to expand into the strong vape cartridges, given that it’s a staggering 89.44% THC.

Desert Bloom High School S.H. Sugar Wax (Hybrid, 82.17% THC). At 82.17% it’s not the highest concentrate on the market, but it definitely does the job. This hybrid is a great option for those looking to get into the wonderful world of concentrates as well as seasoned dabbers alike. The perk of the sugar wax is just how easy it is to handle and dose. Sticky enough to grab while also not so sticky that you’ll be dealing with strings as you try to pull the right amount. Our reviewer sampled with a nectar collector and it greeted him with an immediate sense of euphoria while also leaning into a more body than head high. Nice balance you’d expect from a quality hybrid strain such as High School S.H. Definitely worth a try for every smoker that’s looking for a quick and easy way to dose.

Sublime Live Resin Wax Concentrate (Hybrid, 63% THC). We got a nice, clean lift from a single rip of Sublime live resin wax concentrate and spent a recent afternoon buzzing with energy, clarity and high spirits. That evening, we upped the ante, mixing a pebble’s worth into our after-dinner joint. It might have been too much. Our head was foggy, our fingers turned into hotdogs and it took two hours to write this review. And we can’t even remember what we were going to say about it! We recommend caution, even for the tetrahydrocannabinol-tolerant.

Cannabliss Broad Spectrum Sour Gummies. From the great culinary minds at Halo Infusions comes a brand new offering from Cannabliss. Their Broad Spectrum Sour Gummies greet you with an amazing flavor upon first chew. There is a nice amount of balance between the sour and sweet that makes for an enjoyable flavor profile—so much so that you almost want to eat the whole bag in a sitting. But at 10MG per gummy, these edibles are consistent and easy to dose. To get the full experience. We started with 1 gummy then gradually over the next couple hours ate a total of 3. The first 10MG gives a nice subtle feeling you’d expect from that dosage and took about 35-45 minutes to come on. The second came around after the first initial effects came on and puts you in a real nice spot: body forward with a touch of a head high. It wasn’t until the 30MG where we felt it on all fronts. By the third hour, after ingesting 30MG total toward the end day, we hit the pillow and went right to bed. All in all, great experience and keeps with the trend of what we expect from the Halo Infusion kitchens. These Sour Gummies will be released for sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to ask your favorite budtender for availability.

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