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Your 2019 ganja gift guide, part 1

Between the CBD explosion and medical marijuana renaissance, there's no shortage of unusual craft product reaching the shelves in local dispensaries. And with the holiday season in full spring, there's may be no better gift for the cardholding patient in your life than a medicated iced coffee, craft brownie or small-batch chocolates. The Tucson Weekly Test Department is rounding up a few of these fine offerings in the upcoming weeks.

Pure & Simple Cannabis-Infused Beverage

Green Halo

Pure and Simple, a house brand of the Green Halo Dispensary, offers iced tea and coffee products. These crafted drinks are locally sourced, with Green Halo teaming up local roaster Yellow Brick Coffee. We tried two samples: The Cold Brew, which was made with Yellow Brick's premium Arabica beans, and Chai Tea with Hemp Milk. The cold brew, available with or without hemp milk, packs quite a punch for such a small bottle. It looks and smells like coffee, but looks can be deceiving as even a small sip provides the strong flavors of our favorite psychoactive plant. The coffee has an earthy taste that's smooth all the way through, thanks to the hemp milk. With the Chai Tea with Hemp Milk, we were impressed that the tea flavor was not overpowered by the taste of cannabis. The smooth chai contains only a small taste of the medicine, but don't let the deliciousness make you quickly drink the whole thing because, at 50mg per bottle, it certainly packs a punch. After a 15 mg dose, we were feeling euphoric, happy and talkative with a full body, relaxed feeling. After another 15 mg, the true joy of this product can be found. Be prepared for tingly toes and a headband effect, with a deep-seated body high that lasts all day. Because this is an indica-based product, you're free and clear of any anxiety issues or headiness that can come from sativa strains. We appreciate the depth markings on the side, so you can see exactly how much you're drinking. 

Pack of 5 Half-Gram Blue Dream Preroll

Available at various local dispensaries


Remember when you were a teenager and fantasized about a future in which you could go to the store and purchase a pack of joints in the same way you bought cigarettes? Well, that time is now (and has been for some time), with the good people behind Dutchies providing actual packs of joints. A dream come true, right? Now, Dutchies grows and rolls more than two dozen strains of the highest quality, hydroponic drow you can find—and Blue Dream is no exception. Mixing two legacy strains, the award-winning Blueberry and long-rooted Haze, created a beautiful new baby known as Blue Dream. This new fella offers the uplifting effects of Haze while keeping things grounded with Blueberry's patented full body high and light cerebral stimulation. Mix that with the sweet, berry aroma, and you've got one fantastic joint in your hands. Light up and thank us later. Love, Carissa Candies and Baked Goods

Various dispensaries

Love, Carissa makes a wide line of candies, cookies, brownies and even honey. Unlike most companies out there, they do not use marijuana extract—aka oil that has been refined to create concentrated THC—in their treats. Instead, they gather the leftover kief from their grow operation and mix it with oil to make old-school cannabutter. The resulting treats are a sweet and potent mix. The heart-shaped lollipops come in a range of flavors (including new seasonal offerings of caramel apples and cinnamon) that pair well with the underlying but subtle medicinal taste and deliver a strong 40mg experience, so if you're not an experienced edible consumer, you might want to try half a pop instead of a full one. If you're looking for something less potent, consider the rich chocolate hearts at 25mg apiece. They come in a bag of eight, meaning you can slip several into someone's stocking and still have something left over for yourself. And for those who are looking for a light does, Love, Carissa crafts a new 10mg vegan chocolate chip cookies that taste absolutely delicious. You can find Love, Carissa products on the shelves at many local dispensaries, but for widest selection can be found at Green Valley's Hana Med, which carries the entire line.

Mexican Candies

Desert Bloom Releaf Center

The innovative elves at Desert Bloom are constantly finding new ways to deliver medication. One new stocking stuffer is a bag of 30mg Mexican-style candies that come in a variety of flavors. The guava flavor was sweet with a slight medicinal flavor and delivered just the elevated relief we were seeking. You may not get peace on earth, but you'll definitely have a peaceful, easy feeling after enjoying one of these.

Sublime Lemon Tea Cake

Various dispensaries

Sublime creates some of the finest candies and baked goods in Arizona's market, from micro-dose chocolates to rich and decadent brownies. Our favorite treat from them is the lemon tea cake, a made-from-scratch treat that is enhanced with white chocolate chips, blueberry icing and the company's signature Champagne distillate. You'll find them in both 50mg and 100mg doses. Just don't leave one out for Santa, or he'll never finish his rounds.

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