High Expectations

Some of the finer medicine you’ll find at your local dispensaries

Cannabliss 420 Hot Sauce

Just in case there was a spot in your fridge or recipe yearning just waiting to be filled by a weed-infused hot sauce, look no further than the 420 Hot Sauce offered by Cannbliss Arizona. If you were asking yourself, "Why infuse hot sauce with cannabis?" Our respectful response would be: Why not? Thinking along those lines, Cannabliss' vinegar-based product isn't shy with the aroma and taste of its sticky-icky origins, while delivering an immediate reminder that—yes, you are getting high while you eat. Just a few drops will spice up a bowl of chili or use the whole bottle to coat a batch of chicken wings. After the quick hit of cannabis flavor, the vinegar, cayenne pepper and tomato mix take over, and the overall experience is akin to any southern-style hot sauce you would find on your local grocery store shelf —think Louisiana Hot Sauce. Except, as we mentioned before, this one gets you high. Your hot chicken sandwich will never be the same. We tried out a sativa-hybrid version of the product, and the crew was feeling the effects within minutes. For some of us, even before we finished our meal. Once the hot sauce's sting finishes lingering, the buzz begins. Talk about tableside service. At 200 mg a bottle, we suggest you take things slowly. Don't expect to go through the whole thing in one meal, unless you're prepared to feel really motivated and chatty for a couple hours. Maybe that's your thing, we're not going to stop you. Enjoy the barbecue!

Dutchies Pack

The Dutchie pre-roll pack is a classic for any self-respecting, card-carrying MMJ patient. We compared a generic pre-roll from a dispensary here in town with a Dutchie recently and the Dutchie came out way ahead. While the generic pre-roll had an uneven burn (creating a canoe effect) and a challenging draw, the Dutchie burned evenly and was delivered a solid dose with each puff. While the simplicity of the joint is a draw, so is the quality of the flower inside. It's a potent and consistent product. Plus, the quantity and quality of medicine within means the Dutchie cigarette can be good for multiple uses before you're through with it. Just pop it into a plastic cylinder and it's ready to go the next time you need to medicate. It's a good time, every time. As if the term "ol' reliable" is anything but positive! The Dutchie knows how to roll one, as you're sure to find out.

Wana gummies

WANA gummies are a fine addition to various gummies that are available around town. Even our reviewer who finds that medicated gummies have an overpowering aftertaste said that these treats are for someone like him. They have the consistency and resemblance as prickly-pear cactus gummies you might have enjoyed as a kid at Colossal Cave, with none of the marijuana aftertaste you get with some confections.. These gummies are not too sweet and not too sour. They also come in a range of doses for those who might want either a lower or a higher dose. You can go low with just a few milligrams of THC and a higher dose of CBD or as much as 30 mg of THC. Each craft batch of Wana Sour Gummies is infused with premium extract and is made with all-natural flavors and colors. They are also vegan and gluten-free so there's no worry of harming animals or aggravating your celiac condition. If you're looking for an edible that tastes good and packs a quality—yet light dosage—look no further than Wana Sour Gummies.

Love Carissa chocolates

We've sung the praises of Love Carissa products in the past. With its signature heart shape, these are some of finest quality chocolate edibles you're likely to find. The chocolate flavor pairs well with the keef-enhanced butter to provide a rich treat that you might share with someone you love. At 25mg per chocolate, it's a high dose, so be sure to be careful if you're not experienced with edibles or you could end up taking quite a trip.

Lumen Crumble from Downtown Dispensary

If we were to review the Jenny Kush Crumble with one word, it would simply be "uplifting." That's how the Weekly crew felt after even a sample-size dab of this high quality crumble, part of the iLava Lumen line. What looks like tiny pieces of Swiss cheese and smells like lemons and a little pine is actually rocket fuel that packs more than enough punch to improve your mood and set you on the course to stoney productivity. The sativa-dominant strain we tried brought us euphoria along with that uplifting sensation we love so much. Like other products in the Lumen line, proprietary to Downtown Dispensary, this concentrate comes in a recyclable glass jar and sustainably sourced lid—so you'll feel better about your green footprint while you smoke that green (or in this case, white). Perfect for a bit of yoga, a walk in the park or some video games. Pro tip: Beware large dabs—they can sometimes result in anxiety.

IO Extracts Batter

Need to take the edge off? Want to experience the kind of relaxation thought to be only achieved through cryogenic suspension? IO Extracts batter will do the trick. Whether you are adding a touch to your joint or a little dab on top of your flower, this stuff will take your high to the next level. Literally. IO Extratcts batter is like a first-time-you-ever-got-high kind of high. We're not talking the first time you ever smoked weed and weren't sure if you actually got stoned or not. We're talking full-on, "raid the refrigerator like a rabid racoon, watch all four seasons of Rick and Morty in a slightly catatonic state, and then hibernate like a bear in winter" kind of stoniness. IO Extracts batter resembles lemon curd and comes in a small glass jar with a child-proof cap. The taste when smoked isn't overwhelming but definitely affects the flavor of your flower (if that's your thing). Batter can also be smoked or vaporized straight, however, you'll want to follow Brylcreem's advice—A little dab'll do ya! Available at Nature Med Dispensary.

Canna Confections Daily Dose Honey Buzzers

These pleasant, slightly cannabis-spicy little candies are like a ray of golden sunshine and can make a day doing household chores seem like not doing chores at all. Buzzers come in two-packs, weighing in at 15 gms apiece in an indica blend that won't make you forget where you left the keys to the tool shed. They are not cloyingly sweet like some candies and include such tasty elements as chamomile tea and lemongrass oil along with the oils of several other herbs and natural flavors. They are gluten free and utilize cane sugar, so anyone with an aversion to corn syrup can dose up without worry. Take one with coffee in the morning and in about 45 minute or so, enjoy a few hours with a mellow buzz that leaves the mind sharp and the body vigorous for any household chore or outdoor activity. Or, take two and blow off the activities for a good book and more coffee.

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