Hey, Who's Helping People?

While I was hoping we'd have some sort of solution to the whole Barber/McSally race by now, we're still trying to wrap up the election in this week's issue (page 4) even though the recount will likely drag out a decision in CD2 for awhile. However, now that the election season is already over, we're finally able to move on to some other topics.

So, since it's coming up on the end of the calendar year, we have an issue dedicated to nonprofits in our community and how you might be able to help out this holiday season on Nov. 27 and we'd love your suggestions of what organizations you think we should spotlight. Sure, we have our favorites, but maybe there's something we're missing and since the policies of our forthcoming Republican overlords will mean we'll need the helping hands of these agencies and individuals more than ever in the near future. So, send me an email (dan@tucsonlocalmedia.com) and let me know which group is particularly close to your heart and we'll tell some of those stories later this month.

In the meantime, however, enjoy our cover story about the Arizona Burlesque Festival. You can't say we don't try to give you a little of everything around here.

Dan Gibson, Editor


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