Help Wanted; Smarts Needed

Some information worth sharing:

• Nick Smith, the web producer for this fine publication and sister-publication Inside Tucson Business, has announced plans to leave us in about a month. Therefore, we're looking for a new web producer. Check out the ad here, and if you've got the appropriate skills and level of desire, please apply. We'll be taking applications only through Thursday, Sept. 30, so please don't dawdle.

• While we're on the subject, here's a tip for would-be job-seekers: Follow the instructions. If, say, an employment ad says to "send a cover letter, a resume and links to work samples," it's best to send a cover letter, a resume and links to work samples. I promise you that other applicants are following those instructions, and if you're not ... well, you look like a doofus. Just sayin'.

• This is Best of Tucson® week. Yay!

However, there's also a reason to boo: After every Best of Tucson® issue comes out, we receive a number of comments, letters and phone calls from disagreeable readers who say that those of us at Weekly World Central are cretin idiot morons because (insert BOT winner here) is *NOT* the Best (insert BOT category here) in Tucson, and anybody with half a brain knows that, damn it.

Please note: We don't pick who won most of these awards; you, the readers, do. All we do is count up the votes, assign an underpaid writer to scribble out a blurb about the winner, and publish the dang issue. So if you don't like the results, it's not our fault.

Now, if you disagree with a BOT staff pick, that's a different story ...

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