Help Wanted; Help Received

I thought I'd take this opportunity to fill you in on our staffing/contributor situation, since I know you all care so deeply.

· First, I'd like to welcome aboard Saxon Burns. Right now, you probably think I've blown a gasket or something, seeing as Saxon's byline has been a regular part of the Weekly for two years now, with the Police Dispatch column and with numerous stories (including cover stories "Hate Crime," Nov. 11, 2004 and the now-legendary "My Stay at the No-Tel Motel," Oct. 23, 2003).

Well, rather than having the title of "contributor" (translation: non-employee worker drone), he now has the title of "staff writer" (translation: employee worker drone). The idea is for Saxon to help around the office while Chris Limberis is on the mend, and perhaps longer, if the higher-ups aren't paying attention. He'll continue to do Police Dispatch each week, along with all sorts of other stuff.

So, to repeat: Welcome, Saxon!

· Second, as Walt Nett noted in Media Watch a couple of weeks ago, Walt's moving on to bigger and better things in Fresno (yes, stunningly, there are bigger and better things, for some, in Fresno). This means we're in need, badly, for a new Media Watch columnist. If you think you'd be a good fit--meaning you know the local media well, are relatively free of conflicts of interest, and want to be a part of the Weekly worker-drone family--please let me know, ASAP. Like, now. Thanks!