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Several items of note this week ...

· The absolute stupidity of some never ceases to amaze me. After last week's Editor's Note, in which I encouraged people to go to and donate to the earthquake/tsunami relief efforts, I received a message from someone claiming that Americans should not donate. Why not? Because, in the ignorant mind of this caller, those hit by the disaster are primarily Muslims, and include many al Qaeda members. Yes, it is true that many of the victims are Muslims (although certainly not al Qaeda members). But it's also true that the majority of Muslims dislike violence and al Qaeda. The bottom line: These are people who need help. Again, to donate, go to

· Two weeks ago, we profiled people and groups we consider to be Local Heroes. One person that we didn't profile (for various reasons), even though we wanted to, was Joe Kay, along with his family. Kay, who had accepted a volleyball scholarship at Stanford University, suffered a serious stroke last February after being injured in a dogpile after his Tucson High hoops squad beat Salpointe. His parents haven't tried to blame or sue anyone for the injury. I bring this up, because there's a fantastic story on Kay and his recovery efforts in the January/February issue of Stanford's alumni magazine. Check it out online.

· Finally, we'd like to welcome a new face. Tricia McInroy has joined us as a staff photographer. Most recently, she was a photographer for the Tucson Citizen, before taking a year off to travel the world. Welcome, Tricia.

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